Editing Pictures


An easy way to edit your pictures!


·         Find the picture from your files that you want to edit

·         Right click on the picture

·         Choose Open With Microsoft Office Picture Manager


·         To Resize Pictures

o   Click the Edit Pictures Tab

o   Click Resize

o   The size of the picture should be less than 1000 pixels for width and height

§  Example:  430 x 715 pixels

o   Change the percentage of original width x height until you get your picture the desired size


·         To Compress Pictures for smaller size and faster loading

o   Click Edit Pictures

o   Click Compress Pictures

o   Choose Options


·         To Rotate Pictures

o   Click Edit Pictures

o   Click Rotate & Flip

o   Choose Options


·         To Crop Pictures

o   Click Edit Pictures

o   Click Crop

o   Click on the lines around the picture and drag in to where you want to crop your picture

o   Click OK


·         Use Auto Correct

Use this to automatically change color/brightness of your picture


After all changes have been made, you should

  • Click File/Save to resave with the same name, or
  • Click File/Save As to rename your picture