School and Student Activities

LaSalle Parish Students Compete for Student of the Year


Ten outstanding LaSalle Parish students competed for 2013-2014 Student of the Year.  Shown above (front row) are Bobby K., 5th Grade, Goodpine Middle; Kaitlyn M., 5th Grade, Fellowship Elementary; Rebecca M., 5th Grade, Nebo Elementary; (back row) Kathryn W., 8th Grade, Nebo Elementary; Kylei C., 8th Grade, Fellowship Elementary; Gracie S., 8th Grade, LaSalle Junior High; Jacob C., 8th Grade, Jena Junior High; Kimberly D., 12th Grade, LaSalle High; Katie-Mae W., 5th Grade, Olla Elementary; and Ethan W., 12th Grade, Jena High.

JHS & LHS Career Fair 2013

DSC_0494.JPG DSC_0495.JPG DSC_0496.JPG DSC_0497.JPG DSC_0498.JPG DSC_0501.JPG DSC_0502.JPG DSC_0503.JPG DSC_0504.JPG DSC_0505.JPG DSC_0506.JPG DSC_0507.JPG DSC_0508.JPG DSC_0510.JPG DSC_0512.JPG DSC_0525.JPG DSC_0526.JPG DSC_0527.JPG DSC_0529.JPG DSC_0530.JPG DSC_0531.JPG DSC_0532.JPG DSC_0533.JPG DSC_0534.JPG DSC_0536.JPG

Gifted Day Out 2013

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DD bulletin board.JPG

JHS Community-Based Training Class

Mr. Dorton's JHS Students.JPG

The students in the Community-Based Training Class at Jena High School are learning woodworking and crafting skills, thanks to the guidance of teacher, Russell Dorton. They also learned the valuable lesson of teamwork and the gift of compassion by building this train for a class at Jena Elementary School.

Shown above are Garrett, Austin, Terry, Coach Dorton, and Michael as they proudly display their project!