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Transition from LaTAAP to Compass

*As of May 2010, the Louisiana Teacher Assistance and Assessment Program (LaTAAP) was removed from LA Statute.

  • Any teacher who ever participated in LaTAAP and successfully completed it and is found as a “completer” in the LaTAAP database, is eligible for a higher-level certificate if he/she also has completed three (3) years of teaching in the area of certification. 
  • Teachers who were granted out-of-state LaTAAP exclusion by May 2010 can be found in the LaTAAP database. These teachers are eligible for a higher-level certificate if he/she also has completed three (3) years of teaching in the area of certification.  No other out-of-state applicants will be granted LaTAAP exclusion after May 2010. 
  • If an individual completed three years of formal, successful local evaluations for the following three school years: 2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012, this teacher can move to a higher-level certificate if he/she also has completed three years of teaching in the area of certification.    The teacher must have been employed during the 2009-2010 school year.
  • If a teacher began teaching during the 2010-2011 school year, he/she falls under Compass requirements for issuance of a higher-level certificate.  ACT 54 requires three (3) years of effective Compass evaluation ratings beginning with the 2012-2013 school year for issuance of a higher-level certificate.  Teachers who fall into this category may be granted a three-year extension of their Level 1 certificate to allow additional time for them to earn three (3) effective Compass evaluation ratings.


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LaSalle Parish Vocational Teachers are shown during their planning workshop on August 14, 2012.  They are Chris Bennett, LHS; Mickey Roark, LHS; Betsy Warwick, JHS; Nickie Long, LHS; Sara Gifford, JHS; Anthony Jackson, JHS; Derek Shields, JHS; Robyn Smith, JHS, and Ray Hodges, JHS.

August 2012 Professional Development Day

Program Registration Registration Oleva, Nori, and Lindi Tish Budemer Thanks to these sponsors! Dean Cockerham and Ned McCann - Kiwanis Members Lunch Lunch DSC_0315.JPG DSC_0316.JPG DSC_0319.JPG DSC_0321.JPG DSC_0323.JPG DSC_0324.JPG DSC_0329.JPG DSC_0330.JPG DSC_0334.JPG DSC_0335.JPG DSC_0345.JPG DSC_0349.JPG DSC_0353.JPG DSC_0359.JPG DSC_0362.JPG DSC_0363.JPG DSC_0371.JPG DSC_0375.JPG DSC_0378.JPG DSC_0380.JPG Marsheela and Brandy.JPG DSC_0298.JPG DSC_0332.JPG DSC_0366.JPG Nori.JPG adam.JPG Debbie Gauthier.JPG Deedra.JPG DiCarlo.JPG Greg Jones.JPG hutchinson.JPG jr high.JPG king.JPG ljhs.JPG oes.JPG Rhonda.JPG Ronda.JPG roy 2.JPG Roy.JPG slick 2.JPG slick and steve.JPG stephanie.JPG felicia.JPG kiwanis.JPG jenny.JPG

LPB Digital Media Library

Teachers and Parents:

Register for LPB LearningMedia, a new digital resource library that is free to all teachers and parents statewide.  More than 18,000 research-based digital videos, interactives, images, audio files, lesson plans, worksheets, and more are available to use in your teaching or homework assignments.  LPB LearningMedia is a robust library aligned to Common Core Standards and available to all PreK-16 classrooms. Click here to register and see a collection of tens of thousands of resources by subject area.

LA Tech Class for LaSalle Parish Teachers ~ Fall 2011

Angie.JPG Barbara.JPG Bridget compressed for Web Pages.JPG Melinda.JPG Sara.JPG Sara 2.JPG

October 11 Inservice with Larry Bell!

DSC_0128.JPG DSC_0129.JPG DSC_0133.JPG DSC_0134.JPG DSC_0136.JPG DSC_0150.JPG DSC_0151.JPG DSC_0155.JPG DSC_0156.JPG DSC_0164.JPG DSC_0175.JPG DSC_0176.JPG DSC_0177.JPG DSC_0179.JPG DSC_0180.JPG DSC_0181.JPG DSC_0188.JPG DSC_0189.JPG DSC_0191.JPG DSC_0194.JPG DSC_0195.JPG DSC_0197.JPG DSC_0199.JPG DSC_0200.JPG DSC_0201.JPG DSC_0202.JPG DSC_0207.JPG DSC_0208.JPG DSC_0212.JPG DSC_0216.JPG DSC_0217.JPG DSC_0219.JPG DSC_0222.JPG DSC_0225.JPG DSC_0226.JPG DSC_0229.JPG DSC_0250.JPG DSC_0253.JPG DSC_0255.JPG DSC_0256.JPG DSC_0262.JPG DSC_0263.JPG DSC_0278.JPG DSC_0279.JPG DSC_0282.JPG DSC_0283.JPG DSC_0284.JPG DSC_0285.JPG DSC_0297.JPG

LPSB Inservice Day ~ August 11, 2011

DSC_0210.JPG DSC_0213.JPG DSC_0224.JPG DSC_0229.JPG DSC_0252.JPG DSC_0264.JPG Teachers PreK.JPG Teachers DIBELS.JPG PreK Teachers.JPG TAYLOR & SONS.JPG DSC_0248.JPG

LaSalle Parish Teachers of the Year

LaSalle Parish
of the Year


Nickie Roszell
Elementary Teacher of the Year
Jena Elementary School

 Jennifer Benandi
Middle/Junior High School Teacher of the Year
Goodpine Middle School

Jamie Munson
High School Teacher of the Year
LaSalle High School

 Congratulations to these outstanding teachers!!

JHS JAG Program Recognized

Ron Carr June 2011.JPG

Ron Carr, Jena High School Specialist for Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG), was honored recently by the Louisiana JAG Organization for scoring "5 of 5" for reaching or surpassing five performance outcomes in the JHS Program.

JAG is a dropout prevention and recovery program designed to help at-risk students or out-of-school youth earn a high school diploma or GED.

Mr. Carr was recognized at the JAG End-of-Year Quarterly Meeting recently and Roy Breithaupt, Superintendent of LaSalle Parish Schools, presented Ron with the plaque for his achievements at the June Board Meeting.

Congratulations to Mr. Carr and his JHS JAG students!

(Jena Times Photo)

Jena Elementary Teacher Named Region VI Elementary Teacher of the Year!!

brandy teacher of year 002.jpg

Congratulations to
Brandy Brunson
for having been named as the
Region VI Elementary School Teacher of the Year
and State Finalist in the
2012 Louisiana Teacher of the Year Awards Program!!