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District Employees

Contact Bridgette Gaines  Bridgette Gaines (318) 992-2161 Superintendent/Board Secretary
Contact Janet Tullos  Janet Tullos Superintendent
Elementary Education - PreK-Grade 6
Contact Jennifer Farris  Jennifer Farris (318) 992-2161 Secretary
Contact Deborah Mayo  Deborah Mayo Instructional Supervisor, PreK-Grade 5
Secondary Education - Grades 7-12
Contact Tish Taylor  Tish Taylor Instructional Supervisor - Grades 6-12
Special Education
Contact Jenene Bignar  Jenene Bignar Special Education Supervisor
Contact Teresa Love  Teresa Love (318) 992-5971 School Psychologist, Gifted/Talented Facilitator
Contact Sharla McCarty  Sharla McCarty (318) 992-5665 Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Sharon McKay  Sharon McKay (318) 992-5971 SER Data Manager
Contact Heather Whatley  Heather Whatley (318) 992-5971 Administrative Assistant
Personnel Manager/Testing Coordinator/Technology Coordinator/District Website Administrator
Contact Jennifer Farris  Jennifer Farris (318) 992-2161 Secretary
Contact Robyn Smith  Robyn Smith (318) 992-2161 Website Administrator
Federal Programs
Contact Missy McEntyre  Missy McEntyre (318) 992-8884 Homeless Liaison; Lead Teacher: FES, GPMS, JJHS
Contact D'Juana Stapleton  D'Juana Stapleton (318) 992-8884 Secretary, Federal Programs
Contact Kathryn Tyler  Kathryn Tyler (318) 992-8884 Federal Programs Supervisor
Lead Teachers
Contact Rexie Tweedy  Rexie Tweedy (318) 992-8884 Lead Teacher: JES, NES, OES, Media Center
Transportation and Maintenance
Contact Kevin Bacle  Kevin Bacle (318) 992-2161 Technology Technician
Contact Joe Baker  Joe Baker Carpenter
Contact Gregory Craig  Gregory Craig Maintenance Dept.
Contact Glen "Slick" Joiner  Glen "Slick" Joiner Supervisor of Transportation & Maintenance
Contact Randy Neal  Randy Neal (318) 992-2161 District Staff
Contact Paul Whatley  Paul Whatley Carpenter
Child Nutrition
Contact Tiffanee Kirkham  Tiffanee Kirkham (318) 992-2161 District Staff
Contact Kelly Thompson  Kelly Thompson (318) 992-2161 Supervisor, Child Nutrition Program
Business Department
Contact Debbie Finlay  Debbie Finlay (318) 992-7400 Business Manager
Contact Nori Joiner  Nori Joiner (318) 992-7410 Assistant Business Manager
Contact Ginger Phillips  Ginger Phillips (318) 992-7409 Accounting Technician
Contact Amy Young  Amy Young (318) 992-7541 Accounting Technician