Safety and Security Council


The purpose of the Safety and Security Council is to support schools in ensuring that all students and employees feel safe, both physically and emotionally, and feel welcome, supported, and respected by students and adults.



Council Membership:


District Office

  • Superintendent, CWA Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor, Special Education Supervisor


School-Based Employees

  • 1 Elementary Admin & 1 Middle/High Admin from each side of the parish.
  • 2 Teachers from each side of the parish.



  • 1 representative from each high school.


Board Members

  • Board President and 2 members as designated by Board President


Mental Health Providers

  • At least 1 representative from each side of the parish.


Law Enforcement

  • At least 1 representative from each side of the parish.



  • 2 representatives from each side of the parish.


Community Members

  • 1 representative from each side of the parish. 


Additional Information:


  • Meetings of the Safety and Security Council will be held bi-monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 5 p.m. Meeting dates are: February 8, April 11, June 13, August 8, and October 10. Meeting sites will alternate between each side of the parish and will be announced at a later date.
  • Our goal is to have representation from all aspects of our community to hear perspectives and ideas for the safety, security, and mental & physical health of students and employees.
  • The selection process for school-based employees, students, parents, and community members would include this online application, sorting of names by side of the parish, and then a random selection until positions are filled.
  • While not a governing, policy-making body, feedback and conversation at these meetings could lead to structural & procedural changes and even some policy review. Any meeting would not be an official meeting of the Board or Board committee.
  • The Council will allow us to talk through big changes to our school system but also get feedback on our day to day culture. 


Thank you again for your interest in the Safety and Security Council. Applications will be taken through Monday, January 22nd, and final Council membership will be announced on Friday, January 26th. 

Please click on the link below to access the application.